Why Share Talk

Investors trust us to provide accurate and targeted advice to the market, amplifying the key points in your strategy. We operate across all markets and social network channels providing accurate and timely information

Stock Market Communications

Share Talk produces its own events and exhibits at both the Master Investor Show and UK Investor Show each year. We produce our own Audio Podcasts, Video interviews, Webinars, Question and Answer articles that cover all sectors of the investment markets. ​

We publish informed discussions with a plethora of traded companies and are able to provide regular company updates and interviews from our clients, we only supply information from companies that we believe will offer future shareholder value.

We offer companies a true voice to be able to interact with investors and give transparency to their shareholders and to put across their mission statement to current and future investors. We take great pride in our visiting investors.

What Is Unique About The Share Talk Platform

Investors are searching for honest information that has not been manipulated, we are trusted to provide that in an accurate and timely manner in order that they can act to maximise their investment potential​

Share Talk was founded with a business model of being able to offer more transparency and accountability from companies to the private and retail investors. This was something we believed was lacking in today’s market place and a void that needed to be filled.


A more open and honest approach that gives a voice to shareholders and also a chance to ask questions that other outlets weren’t asking. This brings you closers to your current or future investors.


As private investors ourselves we believe we understand the investor mind-set and wanted to provide a greater resource pool of information for investors and companies alike.

The Share Talk digital platform now covers over 750 event registrations, 6500 instant messaging clients, 4500 newsletter client and has between 75000 and 100000 views per month.


The use of this platform helps companies play a more active role in being able to get their message across into the public domain.


Share Talk will never give out investment advice, that responsibility and decision always lies with investors, as we are not FCA regulated. We are however an information portal for investors to be able to draw their own conclusions.

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