Why Share Talk

Investors trust us to provide accurate and targeted advice to the market, amplifying the key points in your strategy. We operate across all markets and social network channels providing accurate and timely information

Analyse Everything

Using advanced reporting to monitor progress

Many of our clients provide article or interview services but never take the time to review which bulliten boards, social media channels, websites and investor groups respond best to the news they publish.


At Share Talk we constantly inspect and adapt, learning when and where aew the best opportunities for our clients to maximise their annoucements.

The Power of Inspect and Adapt

Amplify and Engage

We have invested heavily in a plethora of cutting edge tools to both monitor sites, brands, forums and social media channels including dark shares across our own platform.

We attend all major Investment events and run online webinars and events. And in happier safer times we have ran our own in person Investor events at a variety of locations including Birmingham, Cardiff, London and Manchester. 

We listen to our viewers and adjust our platform and perfromance to fit their needs. Inspect and Adapt is at the core of what we do, in fact we believe we are the most agile provider in the market today.

We would love to help bring our practices to the markets your serve, for further information please contact us today for a no obligation review of where we can help you grow your investor base. 

Instant Analysis Report

We know if investors are searching for oil exploration stocks in Alaska or Lithium Mining Stocks. We know when your competitors are progressing and why.

Engaged Social Media Following

With 8200 social media followers, and growing, our engagement across social media improves our clients market penetration.

Instant Push to 6500 Investors

Using our mobile applications and browser push technology we can immediately share your mesage to 6500 Investors

Online Events

During this extremly troubled period we are able to offer onlive interviews, podcasts and webinars to ensure your corporate message is recevied by those who are interested.

Social Meda Followers
Instant Push Clients
Investor Event Guests
Newsletter Recipients
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